Obsessed, we're been blinded by creation
That rule our life
Oblivious to us but it's there
Looks can be deceiving
Whisper can be deafening calls

Pleasure and pain
Power and passion, greed and lust
They all stand tall
Dominant in the heart
Fatality to the soul

Life is full of promises
Few are kept many are thrown away

Imprisoned in a cage of lust
Betray your own will
Captured by the frozen whirlpool of fantasy
Caught in the dry swamp of dreams

Trapped in a misty sea, starving to death
Flame of obsession like a burning torch
It burns your misery

See if you recognise the voice that speaks to you
Soft silence whisper screaming to your ear
Demanding a better change, a better fate
A better future for your life

See if you recognise the light that shine on you
Colourful rainbow shine for us to see
Success could be happiness
Could be fatal
Depend on what it may be

Obsessed final challenge of your life
The game that you play, do it your own way
Obsessed final challenge of your life
The path you have chosen
Point of no return..

About Me

Aku yang masih berkelana.. Di dalam penjara dunia.. Mencari jalan ke syurga.. Terjerat di jaring neraka.. Tersembam di lembah noda.. Kini bangkit mencuci dosa.. Rahmat Allah tiada penghujungnya..

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Suasana yg paling indah ialah di kala mlm mnjelma.. di saat manusia sedang lena.. di ketika hati merindui Penciptanya...